What is a superhero?

A superhero is anyone who fights evil, right? But is evil the same thing as crime? Does the person have to be human? Is it necessary for them to have special powers?

Thus, begins the question of the definition of a superhero. In my opinion, a superhero is any person, human or otherwise, that fights evil or crime, whether that be all the time or half the time, using special powers or abilities. This is why Batman, who doesn't have any actual powers, and Spiderman can both be superheroes. This is also why Catwoman, who isn't always against crime, can also be a superhero.

Some Common Criteria

- powers, abilities/skills, or technology. whether it be enhanced senses, mastery of skills (Batman/Green Hornet), or access to technology (Iron Man).

- willingness to be in the service of good

- a special motivation

- a secret identity

- a costume used to hide true identity. often the costume has significance and reflects the theme of the superhero.

- secret headquarters or base

- a backstory or origin story explaining the character's abilities and motivation

Some history

In some ways the origins of superheroes can be found before the age of comics, but beginning in the 1900s is when their popularity and name became an item. For the majority, the first superhero is considered Superman who was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and introduced in Action Comics in 1938. His name is the source of the term superhero.

What followed was a rebuttal by DC Comics who created characters such as Aquaman, Hawkman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Robin, and the first significant woman superhero for a while, Wonder Woman.

During World War II, superheroes increased in popularity as new characters were created that embodied American patriotism, such as Captain America by Marvel Comics. Yet, Marvel Comics' great popularity didn't come until the 1960s when it created The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, and then in the 1970s when its previousl failed title X-Men was revived.

From there many different superheroes of varying traits have been created and the old ones have found new life on television and in the movies.

- all information gathered from Wikipedia




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